For as long as I can remember when I look at past photos of my kids they have always made me cry. A wave of nostalgia takes over me and sentiment sears through my veins. That’s the power of a photo.

You see, I do this as a medium to document my own journey. As a Mother, all I want is to hold on to these snippets of time, of loving fiercely. And all I want in my work is to be able to pass that on to you…. So that we all can look back and be transported to what that felt like, at that exact time.

In saying that, I’m not your average Photographer, we explore not only the happy-go-lucky treasured moments, but also the real stuff, the layers underneath that make you who you are. I want to make art for you, something different, creative and unique that feeds your soul.

My images evoke emotion, and that’s exactly what I want you to feel, that overwhelming sense of love when you look back at your photos, and for generations to come..