After years of feeling like I needed and wanted more out my life you know the urge to fill that missing piece feeling... .I needed to feed my creative side, daydreaming about the freedom and art of photography was a constant crave. I did the soul work & made my dream a reality. Starting from the ground up. How many people get to say that?

I use those same principles to keep me being my damn best. Connection is EVERYTHING, I take every opportunity to create moments, the special ones. The firework moments that you can't forget even if you tried.

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, I spent most of my childhood catching frogs, snakes, playing with the neighborhood kids. Fast forward to my teen years and the photography world was everything. I had every polaroid under the sun and a camera was always at the top of my Christmas list. It was dressing up and taking photos that shaped who I am today.

For me the crave is still strong and I am living my career dream.


I decided to finally (after 11 years) do a family photo session of my son and I! And some professional pics for my business.

I had stalked Becky’s work for a while so I knew that I wanted to work with her! :)

The process was laid back and easy! We decided on a location and went from there! The photos were amazing and it was definitely so hard to narrow down my picks for which ones I was keeping. But she helped give opinions on how to choose and that helped tremendously! I got them super quick, and I am so happy with my pictures! The style of her work is amazing!

Definitely highly recommend Markfortography if you are looking for a photographer who’s work stands out!



Becky is not only the cutest/sweetest but she is so good at what she does ! She puts so much thought into every detail. Her studio is THE best & she makes it so easy for you to just show up to the shoot and not have to stress about what everyone is wearing. She literally has everything you would need right in her studio which is really just a genius business plan as it takes a huge part of the stress away from the clients. Her photos are so beautiful and she is so good at getting shots that will last a lifetime. We love our photos <3 & I am obsessed with every detail of her studio !