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Are you ready to embrace your Inner warrior?

When's the last time you were photographed? How about professionally? As women we rarely celebrate us, we go through transitions in life that make us feel mentally less than, and undeserving. We as women feel like we need acceptance or permission to express ourselves.

I give you permission

Do you want to feel beautiful, POWERFUL and back to the you that you know you are? Then this is for you!

So it's the time in life where you are going through a transition, maybe a child rebelling and moving out, maybe a rough patch in your relationship, a job change or maybe you just had a baby and you just feel like you need to find your inner strength? Or maybe you just never take time to celebrate YOU! You want to feel beautiful, POWERFUL and back to the you that you know you are? Then this is for you!

Are you ready to spend a day with Becky being photographed and empowered? Start the day with a coffee or tea, and a deep breathe. Step into the beauty chair and get your hair + makeup done. Becky will supply an assortment of clothing + jewelry selections to elevate the aesthetic of your portrait. You will walk away feeling like you've found your Inner warrior.

how much does it cost?

investment $500

Following your incredible experience with Becky you will be invited to Join Becky for another cup of coffee or tea while she reveals the warrior you are through portraits. Take a look over the featured products that will be offered as well as digital collections.

hair - makeup

wardrobe - jewelry

light snack - coffee

tea - connection

featured products

to be ordered following at the reveal

9- up


wall prints

product details

The 9 up

The 9UP, museum quality results, with a thickness of 1/8” each, 1/4”

The state of the art cutting plotter ensures perfection of the bevel cut (45°) and precise mounting procedure.

limited availability

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Don't put requirements on the timing for your portraits. The truth is, some of the best portraits come from effortless planning. I want to share a little something with you. The photo you see here of me was take by the one and only, ME! Yes, I was in the desert of Arizona with a steaming temp of 118° and I paced back and forth in my hotel room going back and forth of why I shouldn't go. I mean I was listing things off one after another. It was SO HOT being number one. I had to call a Lyft there and back, I was tired from all the running I had been doing and I thought I'm going to be so bummed if I can't capture what I am envisioning. Oh and to haul all my gear and set up was exhausting. Why am I telling you all of this? I am SO unapologetic and beyond thrilled with what I did here. I actually cried. This portrait now means more to me then I can explain. I am so pleased with my lighting technique, the experience I gave myself, that I give to my clients day in and out. I wanted that for myself. Because I didn't put this off and listen to all my conflicting thoughts I now have my favorite portrait of me to date!


Becky is so awesome to work with! I did an inner warrior session and she took the time to accommodate my requests, she made me feel comfortable (and like a badass B) on the other side of the camera, and really invested her time and exceptional talent in our session, follow ups, and post production. Turnaround time was faster than expected, and the images look amazing. Highly recommend!