Travel can be easier

Travel can be tricky when it comes to packing and picking things that are worth the space in your bag! Hopefully you find these products helpful as they are some of my must have items when traveling.

foodie finds

I don't like to spend my time going out to eat while on vacation, spending all the time researching healthy options and not to mention the amount of money spent for food you barely eat the whole portions. I like to pack things that make it easy to grab and go like the blend jet for smoothies in the morning. One of the first things I do is go grocery shopping and pack snacks that I can much on throughout the day in the little travel lunchbox you see here.

staying hydrated

No matter the destination I like to have the option to drink cold or hot things. The handle on this thermos is super handy and can be clipped to most of my bags using carabiner. I like to hike and explore with this or use the top as a cup for oatmeal in the mornings.


I have gone through multiple straps through the years. This is my favorite single camera strap. It secures nicely around your shoulder and I am confident that my camera is safe. A nice slide so you aren't worried about your camera hitting something when you turn quickly. Plus it's beautiful.

Camera travel bag

All of my gear can be very heavy to bring. This travel bag is hands down been lifesaver for years. This can hold an abundance of gear for traveling. This holds any and everything I need to bring with me!